Secure Transfer Units

Fabrication and Assembly of Secure Transfer Units


Our customer is a leading designer of secure transfer units, queue management systems and speech transfer products.  They sell into a number of commercial and retail end markets.

Customer Brief  

Our customer required a reliable supplier to do all fabrication, assembly (metal and electrical) and shipment for a range of their products.  Given their high value nature, the highest levels of quality must be maintained, and delivery dates must not be missed.  In some instances fully assembled parts must be ready to ship in as little as 3 weeks from order placement.

CEL Solution   

CEL worked with the customer to prototype all products to ensure we adhered to strict quality guidelines across fabrication and assembly.  We agreed to stock certain levels of their parts based on call-off order arrangements.  We also stock spare free-issue and assembly parts to ensure deliveries are not late due to a shortage on any part.  

Materials used 

mild steel sheet and extrusion, stainless steel sheet, electrical components, various assembly parts (locks, handles, drawer runners, labels, among others).

More pictures to come

Processes Used

Punch profiling, laser cutting, folding, MIG and TIG welding, dressing, powder coating, chrome plating, mechanical assembly and electrical assembly