Industrial - Fire Penetration Seals Case Study

Rapid turnaround of large batch runs


Our customer, a UK-based regional European supplier of fire penetration seals for the marine, offshore and construction markets, was recently acquired by a large Northern European company. We have remained a trusted supplier and increased the range of products we manufacture, which we now export to the new Parent Company. Since the change of control, CEL now manufactures for new end markets in Europe and Asia.

Customer Brief

The customer requires a supplier that can support accelerated design and manufacture of new products for potential customers as well as rapid turnaround of increasingly large batch runs of existing products, often exceeding thousands of units per month.

CEL Solution

CEL had worked closely with the customer for over 15 years to deliver well over 100,000 penetration seals across dozen of specifications. Shortly after our customer was acquired we began to support work on the design and manufacture of new penetration seals for a major Asian ship yard. Recently, we worked within an exceedingly tight timeframe to manufacture and ship new penetration seals to support our customer’s securing a major Asian shipyard.

Materials used

Mild and stainless steel, toggle clamp fixtures, painted finishes.

Customer response

"Contracts Engineering Ltd have given us comfort that they will be able to support our world class standards and growth as we market the penetration seals into new markets around the world. Most recently, CEL have worked with us in the design and manufacture of our product specific to securing a large new customer in Asia. It is a pleasure to work with CEL." --Managing Director