Industrial - Food Preservation Case Study

Focus on high quality manufacture


Specialists in controlled atmosphere and cold store food storage and preservation products and services sold throughout Europe.

Customer Brief  

Several years ago our customer required a supplier to support development of a food storage and preservation product range capable of supporting design and prototyping, then capable of large volume manufacture at a consistent high quality.  The high quality of manufacture is critical due to the nature of the end use as a system for preserving warehouses of fruit and vegetables destined for various domestic and foreign markets.  

CEL Solution
We worked closely with our customer on design, prototype and modifications, including material changes and testing.  Specifically, this included testing different materials for the liquid storage tank and adjusting the manufacture for different electronic and convection components.  We now regularly produce the products in batches of more than 100 units, as well as a full complement of spares and related parts.
Materials used

Aluminium, mild steel and stainless steel; various powder coated finishes. 

Customer testimonial  

“Contracts Engineering Ltd. is a true partner in the development and manufacture of our food storage and preservation units.  The success of our products is in a part down to the CEL team.  CEL consistently work to our rigorous quality standards and have always been supportive of quick turnarounds for project based work.  Contracts Engineering Ltd. is one of our most consistent and reliable suppliers.  The team are a real pleasure to work with.  Production Manager