Folding and Forming

We offer a complete sheet metal folding, forming and tube bending service

Plant Folding & Forming Equipment

Our principal plant includes:

  • Bystronic Xpert 3 metre x 100 ton 8 axis CNC press brake
  • Edward Pearson 3 metre x 100 ton 6 axis CNC press brake
  • Guifil 1.5 metre x 30 ton 2 axis CNC press brake
  • Ercolina NC Tube Roller CE-40
  • Baileigh R-H85 CNC Section Rolling Machine
  • Large tool library


We have a large tool library including both air-bend and bottoming dies which allows us to form complex bends such as corrugations or roll beads as well as standard 90° folds, seaming, embossing and punching.

Tube Bending

We carry out much of our tube bending in house and can bend the following tube sections:

  • Round Tube Section
  • Square Tube Section
  • Oval Tube Section
  • Rectangle Tube Section

We can normally bend tubes to within 10% ovaility with approximately 12% thinning but tighter precision can be achieved depending on the material and configuration. Tubes can be bent up to 180°

For assembly and fabrication we can form the ends of tubes into a variety of shapes for mating as well as weld flanges for bolt fittings

For larger radius curves we have a tube rolling facility suitable for tube up to 60mmØ and 3000mm long.