Consumer - Street Furniture Case Study

Prototyping to help reduce manufacturing costs


Award winning street furniture design company, based in the UK. Existing CEL customer for production of other products distributed throughout Europe.

Customer Brief

Approached CEL to manufacture new prototypes for large format urban bicycle enclosures that could then be rolled out as contracts are won.

CEL Solution

CEL's engineering team worked closely with our customer for a number of months to prototype design concepts, including four prototype versions before the full launch. This collaboration over the prototype enabled the customer to reduce production costs and optimise the final design. The successful prototype went on to win significant contracts all over London and we have so far manufactured over 80 units in the four months since finalising design.

Materials used

Mild steel gauges up to 10mm thick; rolled sections, mesh material, galvanized sheets, rolled tube; all parts delivered painted and galvanized in kit form to customer.

Customer response

Thank you for supporting the development of our urban bicycle enclosures. The manufacturing insight you provided during the prototyping phase has helped us significantly reduce production costs and improve the manufactured product quality. Also, your flexibility during the prototyping phase meant that we were able to quickly reach an excellent final design. It is a pleasure to work with your team and we feel that we have succeeded in producing a market leading product with your help. We are excited that we have been able to produce over 80 units with you already and look forward to expanding on that number in the coming years. -- Founder